Provide an eco-friendly shopping alternative

As people grow increasingly concerned with their individual impacts on the environment, secondhand resale shopping has skyrocketed in popularity as a more sustainable shopping alternative. Since 1988, Winmark has been proud to be a leader of this movement by shaping and growing some of the most beloved brands in resale shopping long before it was a trend. We are committed to providing our communities with convenient and fun ways to recycle their goods and cut back on waste.

Why sustainability is so important

Producing just one article of clothing requires a lot of natural resources — a lot more than we might imagine. By giving shoppers a high-quality resale shopping option, you will provide them with the opportunity to:


Reduce water consumption

Approximately 2,000 gallons are needed to make the materials for just one pair of shoes.


Limit greenhouse gas emissions

Fashion is the second-highest polluting industry in the world and contributes 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.


Minimize excessive waste

Every year, Americans alone send about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills.

A better way to reduce waste

Winmark franchises offer customers a better way to keep their clothes, sporting goods and music equipment out of the landfills and in use for a fuller, longer product lifespan. High-quality secondhand shops such as Winmark’s franchises give consumers an easier way to buy and sell used goods within their local communities without placing demands on wasteful textile production. In turn, this means less water and energy consumption, giving consumers a powerful way to help cut down on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Join our movement

Resale shopping, whether it is clothing, toys, baby equipment, musical equipment or sporting goods, is only expected to grow in popularity. People are becoming more aware of the impact of textile production and want to take responsibility for their own water and carbon footprints, and buying and selling high-quality used goods is a perfect way to accomplish that goal. You can fill the needs of your own community by working with Winmark to provide a trusted resale retail shopping experience that encourages the recycling of clothing, toys, baby equipment, sporting goods and musical equipment. Join us in our movement to reduce waste and make the planet a better place to live.

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Our Brands

A franchise opportunity from Winmark is the start of a transformative journey. The premier name in resale retail in North America, our proven track record and best in class franchise models lead to thriving partnerships with franchisees. Our entrepreneurs desire to run their own resale store, communities want to support small businesses and everyone seeks to leave our planet better for generations to come.

With Winmark, business franchising is fully supported and not just a transaction — it is the start of a business relationship. 

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